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Who we are.

We are a socially responsible company offering consumers an alternative to traditional cigarettes and their attendant health risks. We have created a global branded e-Cigarette and are seeking a network of international distributors with whom we can build a lasting fruitful and profitable relationship.

Challenges and Opportunities.

The US multi-billion dollar explosion in e-Cigarette sales over the last few years has made millionaires of those entrepreneurs that have invested in this exciting market the world over. It's a business that can today lift a newcomer from an affluent financial position to a seriously wealthy platform. Most people can only dream about making money but won’t ever be in a position to take advantage of such an opportunity. If you have the financial backing and the acumen to build an e-Cigarette business you may be the Exclusive Distributor that we are looking for in your country. E-Cigarettes have become a recognized alternative to tobacco cigarettes. It's a relatively new business offering explosive growth opportunities. In 2014, in the USA alone, it is estimated that retail purchases were USD3.5 billion, a market that is growing exponentially.

What we have created to date.

Our vision for the global o! brand was to create a product that would reflect the essence of the discerning e-Cigarette user. The internationally-acclaimed poster artist and designer Vladimir Tsesler has captured this with his arresting and sophisticated design of the o! concept. It is maintained throughout the attendant high quality packaging and advertising material, as well as our international websites and stands as testimony to our marketing intent. Promotional brochures, posters and videos are also available to our distributors for adaptation to their specific territories. Our introductory product range is complete. Corporate and administrative structures are in place. Our holding and trading companies are incorporated in Hong Kong. The o! brand has been registered in 54 countries, along with the securing of the domain name and all relevant international website addresses. Our in-house IT department is well established, maintaining not just our own sites but also servicing those of our distributors.

What we are

A balanced distributorship agreement in which neither party holds an unfair advantage. Please visit us to conduct an informal due diligence to evaluate what you consider our strengths and weaknesses to be. We maintain a policy of full transparency between ourselves, our factories, our employees and other distributors. We offer an agreement that permits each party to renegotiate terms deemed unfavourable and allows both parties to consider what they might do if their partner chooses not to renew, however small the chance. The agreement also forces each party to determine the value of their partner's contribution every year.

What we will provide
for the distributor.

We will provide a yearly exclusive license for the o! brand and domain name to be used by the company entity created within the territory. We will provide product input and design built around the sale concept determined for the territory and will work with you in the design and approval of all advertising and promotional material, including billboards, posters, leaflets, catalogues, etc. We will provide a concept web site design with content to support and promote the o! brand globally. We will work with you to create an o! on-line web ordering facility specifically for the territory. We will provide the services of overseas merchandising offices, quality control QC offices, export and shipping facilities, and manufacturing factories, effectively undertaking all overseas tasks that will bring o! to your doorstep. Critically, we will be your office away from home.

What we want from
our distributor.

People with the financial backing to provide funding facilities to support the importation and marketing of the products, coupled with management and marketing skills to enhance sales, market growth and profit margins. Our distributors must have the ability and energy to build and promote the business within the territory. Our distributor must prove to us that they have the necessary funding facilities and must also convince us they have the necessary ability or human support to build and grow this business. We will not enter into a distributor agreement until we are satisfied that the party is genuine and we fully expect our distributor to conduct their own due diligence on our asset structure and meet personally with our principals.

The structure we are seeking within the distributor territory.

A company structure comprising the same shareholding structure that we have or will structure in all other distributor countries and/or territories. A limited liability company structure in which the distributor entity holds 85% of the shareholding and The O Holding Company Limited holds 15% of the shareholding.

How the distributor can check our credentials.

We invite all parties to check our credentials. Details of our holding company, The O Holding Company Limited, and our trading company, The O Company Limited, can be obtained via

International registration of our trademark o! can be sighted via the official government search sites, and

Next step.

We are not going to waste your time at this stage conducting due diligence, speaking with attorneys and/or incurring any costs until such time that we are confident there is a future in both sides engaging in a meaningful dialogue. If you are still interested in this opportunity please complete the form(s) below and forward them to us at You must provide us with a CV highlighting the skills you consider you possess that will enable you to run a successful distributorship business in your country/territory. If we are satisfied that you have the financial acumen and the entrepreneurial business ability we will be happy to provide details of who we are, including background details of our principals and our associated companies, our business experience, our funding capabilities and details of our bankers.

Click here to download a draft copy of the banker's opinion letter that we will send to your bankers based on the information you supply to us.

Click here a to download the CV issues we would like you to comment on in addition to the skills you consider you possess that will enable you to run an e-cigarette distributorship business.