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Corporate History.

Our story began some 35 years ago when our senior principals formed what is now the parent company of a group that has representation across five continents.

Based in Hong Kong, Asia’s thriving financial hub, we built a significant manufacturing and production presence in China. On the back of these operations we also developed a comprehensive and highly professional service business for the support of our international, regional and local clients, allowing them to tap into our extensive and invaluable expert local knowledge and to enable them to access the huge array of export products offered by China and the surrounding territories.

From this core, our corporate structure has expanded beyond Asia. Since 2004, our Russian Federation enterprise has enabled us to develop our China/Russian trading activities from our warehouses in Minsk, Belarus throughout all peripheral Russian speaking and eastern European countries.

Our principals reflect our global outlook, coming from China (Hong Kong-based), Europe, The Russian Federation and Australia.

What we do.

We are a gateway to Asia. Our international management team is supported by nine offices situated in the major manufacturing centres of China. Our offices carry out the front line factory sourcing/inspection programs and all QC (quality control) activities from order acceptance to export packing of goods and the subsequent shipment to the client. These offices are based in Shanghai, Fujian, Shenzhen, Hubei, Jiangsu, Dongguan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Shantou.

Our own Chinese factories’ capabilities are further augmented by strategic joint ventures with other businesses in the country. Our dedicated team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals also assist our clients with research, business development and portfolio optimisation strategies in Hong Kong, throughout China and across Asia. We are effectively an office away from home for those clients that need the international assistance that only established China experts can provide.

Our involvement with E-cigarettes.

China is the birthplace of the e-cigarette and is the major manufacturing base. However, those manufacturers range from cottage industry operations to sophisticated factories. As acknowledged China experts, we found we were in a prime position to capitalise on what has become a burgeoning new market.

We took the plunge, but only following extensive research with the assistance of industry experts and designers. Our range of products has been created under the umbrella of the o! global brand. We believe that, with our unique product development, merchandising and manufacturing expertise, we can provide the distributor with a winning product. Married with the right distributor’s marketing expertise, we all stand to make tremendous gains.

o! brand philosophy.

Our business philosophy is built on basic principles. Identify and create the right product. Create a structure. Establish appropriate laboratory testing and QC procedures. Design a sophisticated global brand. Register the o! Trade Mark world wide. Design an exciting packaging concept that can be identified globally. Seek global distributors. Make money. We stand for quality above all things. Our EU testing laboratory works in tandem with our manufacturing laboratory in China. We take nothing for granted. Each flavour is vigorously tested and certified to comply with relevant safety regulations. We are not interested in short-term gains. Our approach is to constantly strive to improve our product and its marketing position. We are in it for the long-haul.