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O! Global.

Our ambitions for the o! brand are global. A carefully considered, systematic and thorough strategy has been developed by an international team with trading and marketing expertise across three continents and representing decades of business experience.

Our approach to building an international profile for o!’s e-cigarettes and liquids had its genesis in the choice of one of the world’s most renowned poster artists, Vladimir Tsesler. Tsesler, whose work is represented in The Louvre, has created a truly iconic design. Reminiscent of the avant-garde art movement, the o! brand is attractive to a consumer aspiring to the sophisticated, cultured and edgy. It has undoubted international appeal.

We have selected 54 countries where we want our o! brand sold. In these 54 countries we have registered our o! trade mark and secured our domain name. Each of those 54 countries will have free standing companies to undertake the marketing of o!’s product range, in each instance respecting local cultural nuances.

It is critical for us to be ever cognizant of these cultural differences and why local distributors are crucial to the brand’s success. A handshake in one country can be seen as a sign of aggression in another country. We want o! distributors that know their country and their market. We need distributors that understand every aspect of their culture, the little and the large things that matter.

Our aim is to be directly involved with each incorporated company in those 54 countries. Not simply by maintaining a minor shareholding in each company, but through actively supporting the majority shareholder in each company: our distributor. Head office assistance will be there throughout the establishment process and beyond through significant IT, logistical and marketing support. This is an exciting venture. We will be there to maintain the o! brand’s global image for the benefit of our family of distributors.

Our o! Website has not been designed as an on-line global sales site. Instead, the imperative has been to use it as a vehicle with which to source those individual country/territory distributors. Once a distributor has been found a national website will be created that reflects the character and requirements of that country.

We aim to be respectful of each of those 54 nations and a key element will be these country-specific websites. Any browser arriving at the parent website will be automatically redirected to their local site.

We will sell o! products directly to commercially approved entities whilst we build our o! brand country by country. Our commercial prices will reflect a distribution role that, when a distributor is appointed, will support, service and supply all commercial entities within the country/territory.

Our distributors will be commercially independent but benefit from the collective strength of a burgeoning global network of distributors. As o!’s international profile increases there will be a commensurate increase in the marketing appeal of the o! product range at the local level.