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What is the o! e-Cigarette?

  • The o! e-Cigarette (also known as the o! electronic cigarette) is a device manufactured from high quality materials. It allows the user to imitate the physical action of smoking without being exposed to any of the combustible tobacco or toxic chemicals inhaled from conventional cigarettes.
  • The o! e-Cigarette consists of an eLiquid (also called eJuice) cartridge, an atomizer, a microprocessor to control the heat, a battery and a microprocessor to activate the LED.
  • The o! e-Cigarette is a device that produces vapour. It does not produce smoke.

How does the o! e-Cigarette function?

  • The cartridge holds the eLiquid. Inhaling on the o! e-Cigarette draws the liquid from the atomizer’s reservoir into the atomizer’s pot where it is absorbed by the polyimide wick . An electronic sensor responds to the user’s inhalation by triggering the device’s battery. The battery heats the coil around the wick that in turn heats the eLiquid, thereby vapourizing it.

How do I use the o! e-Cigarette?

  • Vaping is the action of drawing on, or inhaling from, the o! e-Cigarette for a few seconds, followed by the exhalation of the resulting vapour.
  • Take the o! e-Cigarette from its box and remove the hygienic cap. To obtain the best results, inhale through the tip for between four and five seconds before exhaling. Replace the hygienic cap after use.
  • Show respect for other people and the rules. If you want to vape in the company of others, always ask whether anyone minds. Be considerate when exhaling, blowing the vapour away from others.
  • Be a responsible e-Cigarette user and help promote a positive attitude to vaping.

If I am a smoker will I save money if I switch to o! e-Cigarettes?

  • If you compare the price you will see the difference.
  • The number of puffs in just one o! e-cigarette is the equivalent of 40 regular cigarettes, saving you a small fortune.

Why should I choose the o! e-Cigarette?

  • The o! e-Cigarette, unlike conventional cigarettes, contains no carcinogenic tar. The o! e-Cigarette is available in varying strengths of nicotine content as well as nicotine-free (0mg) varieties. You may want to gradually decrease the nicotine content in order to reduce your dependence on nicotine until you are able to dispense with it altogether.
  • Your home, clothes, hair and hands will no longer carry the unpleasant smell of stale tobacco smoke. You will no longer be troubled by that horrid morning-after taste. Within a few weeks, your true sense of smell will return, allowing you to fully savour the world's wonderful flavours and aromas once more.
  • There is a greatly reduced risk of the harmful effects associated with passive smoking as there is no smoke from an o! e-cigarette.
  • Thousands of people are seriously or fatally injured from fires caused by cigarettes. o! e-cigarettes do not require a flame nor do they burn, making them safer.
  • Tobacco smoking is no longer fashionable or desirable. The habit creates a negative image in all walks of life: at school and university, in the workplace and in all social environments. o! e-cigarettes are smart and stylish and are far less likely to cause offence to others.
  • Scientific studies have shown that addiction to cigarettes is only partly caused by dependence on nicotine. The greatest factor is behavioural - simply the physical action of smoking. By replacing traditional cigarettes with an o! e-cigarette, you are addressing a major cause of addiction.
  • If you are not ready to give up smoking o! e-cigarettes are perfect for you. The o! e-cigarette provides you with the same satisfaction as a conventional cigarette.
  • o! is not only an excellent alternative to smoking but an indicator of style and taste. The elegant matt black design, the simple, clean ash-free operation and fragrant vapour combine to provide an aesthetically pleasing experience.
  • o! only uses materials of proven quality, but careful sourcing and management of production enable us to offer the best price to our customers.
  • In addition to its stylish design, our packaging is highly functional. Your o! e-Cigarette is well protected against any possible shocks during transport and storage.

What is o! eLiquid?

  • o! eLiquid contains a combination of distilled water, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), food flavourings and purified nicotine (other than ‘nicotine free’ where marked as zero (0mg) nicotine). PG is used as a tasteless base carrier and humectant for the other ingredients and provides the ‘throat hit effect’ that cigarette smokers relate to. VG enhances the flavours, through its naturally sweet taste, assists vapor production and provides a smoother vaping experience.
  • Nicotine is not present in any of the o! products that specify zero nicotine.
  • We only use our own eLiquid in the production of o! e-Cigarettes.
  • o! eLiquid is made purely from ingredients of the highest quality, allowing us to have full confidence in the quality of our o! eLiquid.
  • o! eLiquid is available in different strengths, expressed in milligrams per milliliter.
  • o! eLiquid is available at 0mg (zero nicotine).
  • Vapers experiencing a rash or slight cough when vaping may be sensitive to PG and should not use any eLiguid that has been manufactured with the PG and VG combination.
  • Is hygiene or safety an issue when storing the o! eLiquid?

  • Our factory is equipped with anti-dust facilities and vacuum robots. All staff members undertake extensive sanitary procedures, wearing sanitary gowns, shoe covers, caps, gloves and mask, as do all visitors to our factory.
  • Our factory is equipped with the latest modern equipment. Superbly trained staff members clearly understand the challenges they face. Each o! eLiquid bottle passes a complete cycle of quality control.
  • All of our o! eLiquids are stored in cool areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight. Coloured glass bottles are used to reduce exposure to sunlight.
  • Expiry dates on all our eLiquids should be checked prior to use.
  • Do NOT store your o! eLiquid in any place within reach of children.